Youth Game Night

On Saturday the 17th of March, a group of teenagers spent a couple of hours at the Stanley Hall, getting together and having fun. For the first activity happening in the community for the teenagers it was a really good turn out as everyone got together without a fuss and had a good time.

The ideas started swirling around in everyone’s heads to ‘what to do next?’ Everyone came to the idea that something musical would be fantastic in the community.

We are looking towards organising a Freeza event for early May, featuring a few bands, some locals… something acoustic and of course some dance music for all ages.

For all teenagers, there is a Stanley group with Indigo shire. All you have to do is join the Indigo Shire group and say you’re from Stanley and you’ll be put into the group and you’ll be able to connect and create opportunities in the community. A very big thank you to everyone for putting in a great effort to make the Games Night happen.

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