Upper “Spring Ditch” Dam and Wetlands Walk

IMAGE OF THIS DELIGHTFUL AREA NOW | Descriptor and encourager.


Constructed in  |YEAR| Upper Springditch Dam was the initiative of a local committee in order to address several problems.

  • The area was gorse infested for acres and
  • the small Springditch dam, further down the hill, was too small as a quick fill for the fire brigade. In the 2003 bushfire CFA volunteers were risking their lives by topping up at Parkinsons’ Dam in the pines because the town quickfill became so low.
  • This dam is in a regional fishing guide and is stocked by DEPI.


Talk now of the walk – quick description, length, time, landmarks/things to look for.

  • Walks Around Stanley – download PDF guide – download mp3 guide and listen as you walk ($3 charge?)

IMAGE OF MEMORIAL | Descriptor and encourager

The Black Saturday bushfire memorial sculpture was designed by Janet Sutherland and constructed by Ben Gilbert. Janet and Chris Dormer also did the landscaping with some help from volunteers (there is a blog post about this on the site – LINK)