The Oldest Yoga Teacher in the World

We all know that you can’t keep your flexibility as you get older… Or can you? It seems that it all depends on what you do.

Do you know how old the oldest Yoga teacher in the world is?  She is 91!

Her name is Bernice Bates and she lives in Florida, and still teaches Yoga once a week. Because of her 50 years of Yoga practice, she is more flexible than people a third her age. She believes in gentle yoga,”No sweaty, strenuous or competitive stretching.” As she says, you may not do it perfectly, but there is no perfect person.

Bernice Batees - Olders Yoga Teacher in the world - The Nine Mile NewsYoga helps to build balance, according to Bernice Bates, which can help to prevent falls. The experts agree, saying, “One of the main reasons why people become non-functional or even die is because of falls”. Yoga is helpful at any age [but the earlier you start it the more benefit you gain from it].

In a study published by the US National Institute of Health yoga was found to improve hip extension and increase stride length even for seniors. “In general the idea that just because you are older you have less range of motion that is really not correct”, said the initiator of this study.

In China the health concept is based on prevention and taking responsibility for your own health in order to minimize the costs for the health system. It starts in schools with eye training and acupressure for the eyes to prevent colds and flu.

Many problems of shoulders, knees, hips and neck can be avoided through prevention, by doing either Yoga or Tai Chi, and even the health of your organs improves through specific exercises for the internal organs. Deep breathing exercises help to intensify each exercise.

Mrs Bates credits yoga for her good health – she doesn’t take any medication or has any health problems – and says it gives her the ability to enjoy the things she loves: flower gardening, walking, swimming, and she also lifts weights.

“It involves your mind; your mind, your body and your spirit. They all work together and they are all co-ordinated.”

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