The Notice Board – A Poem, the Stanley Bard

The Notice Board

I went to the post office in my automobile

And there to my utter disgust

Somebody had dumped a ute load of steel

And it had already started to rust

So I asked all around who could have done that

And the answer I really abhorred

It’s not some junk. It’s a real work of “art”

It’s the bloody new notice board.

Well it’s got me stumped, what a waste of metal

And when you think, it really is funny

But when I ponder the design it just boils my kettle

And I think what a waste of good money

But one of the facets that I cannot forgive

And the thing that gets me upset

Is the fact that the bloody thing leaks like a sieve

And everything inside gets all wet

But one shouldn’t scoff, till it’s finished and done

And hopefully not painted green

‘Cause when the shadows come down and it’s out of the sun

The edifice can’t really be seen

But it just goes to show we should attend all the meets

And really listen to what’s being said

Cause after it’s done you can forget all the bleats

But I reckon the town’s been misled

(Written by our local Bard)

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