Tai Chi Qigong Workshops 2012 in Stanley

Qigong is the ancient Chinese Art of self-healing.  This powerful yet gentle, flowing and graceful series of 18 movements is designed to promote strength, flexibility and healing throughout the entire body.   Studies have shown that practitioners of Tai Chi Qigong have increased vitality and longevity.

Vitality and Longevity – Tai Chi Qigong

Workshops – 2012

 “SHABASHI” (first set of 18 movements)


Your instructor: Lee Whamond

Registered Fitness Professional

Personal Trainer Fitness Australia

World Academic Society of
Medical Qigong—China


Course Details – Bookings Essential

Venue:           63 Lower Nine Mile Road Stanley

Dates:             ? Easter Tuesday April 10th

? Sunday July 1st

? Sunday September 23rd

Times:                                                All sessions from 10am till 1pm

Investment per session:      $27 per person or $50 per couple

Refreshment provided:        Fresh fruit and organic green tea

Bookings and Enquiries:     (03) 5728 6640

Email:                                                 stanleygoose@westnet.com.au

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