Stanley Youth

Annette Walton is Youth Development Officer with Indigo Shire Council, which has funding for a program to create activities for young people aged from 11 to 25 years.

In conjunction with Genevieve Milham, Vice-President of Stanley Rural Community Inc.(SRCI), a meeting was held on Monday 20 February in Stanley Hall to ascertain what young Stanley people might like to see happen here. Two girls and three boys participated this time – hopefully word will spread.

Stanley’s youngsters said they like living in the country, where everyone knows each other and there is scope for camping, riding motor bikes, wildlife, etc.

They’d like to see more things happening in Stanley for young people (so that transport to Beechworth and other places is not necessary).  Also, knowing what is ‘on’ and where/when is important, as not all of them have mobile phones and/or Facebook access (the latter being a prime means of communication).

Annette talked about some of the projects she has been doing with other young people around the Shire including:

  • Trips to “Pushover” events.
  • Film making and animation workshops
  • Fashion – making fashion with recycled clothes.
  • Theatre events and workshops
  • Monthly movie nights

She has a program for establishing a youth magazine – both printed and online – for youth in Indigo Shire – re events, issues, stories, advice etc., while Beechworth Health Service has a project for a  teenage health crew, with participation in conducting in wellbeing, sexual/mental health etc.

Proposed first event – a games night in the Stanley Memorial Hall on Saturday 17th March from 6.00-9.00pm.  Games such as Twister, Pictionary, card games and electronic games projected onto a screen provided by SRCI.  Drinks and pizzas provided.

Next youth meeting Monday 5th March 5.00 – 6.30pm in the Stanley Memorial Hall – that will be a planning session for the first Stanley event to be held on Saturday 17th March 6pm – 9pm.

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