Stanley Tennis Club News 30.03.2012

Stanley Tennis Club has finished another season of friendly evening tennis games across Thursdays and Fridays in February and March at the Recreation Reserve court. We have had 4 teams playing consistently with various Stanleyites subbing at times, and various dogs in attendance too!

Treasurer, Mike Byrne, has kept tab of the scores and Team 4 (Peter O’Callaghan, Hamish Smeaton, Kimberley & Andrew Taylor) was the top scorer at last count. Congratulations to them. The other teams were: Team 1: Liam Neale, Liam Grattan, Rhys and Shelby Collins; Team 2: Hugh & Gerri Grady, Dave & Helen McIntyre, Mike Nuck and Mike Byrne; Team 3: Kylie Love, Willem Love, Andy Malsem & Tracey Ginkel, Jamie O’Callaghan.

Stanley Tennis ClubThe Stanley Tennis Club has existed for many years originally organized by Sharon Vincent. It is great to see the children of the original players come through now and not only play strong tennis, but also socialize easily with each other and the adult players. Many of the younger players also play with a Beechworth competition so they are in practice and demonstrate beaut skills. Shelby Collins, for example, can land a powerful shot down the outside line and surprise her opponent. The boys, both younger and older, enjoy those spike shots at the net.

Our evening competitions (and picnic bbqs) would not be possible without the tennis night lights achieved through a community grant two years ago. Meanwhile, if you are interested in playing in a daytime game during the 2012 winter contact the secretary, Helen McIntyre, on 57286591


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