Stanley Rural Fire Brigade

Whilst it was encouraging to see a good attendance at the Bushfire Survival  Workshop and presentation to the Stanley Community Group in November, the Stanley Fire Brigade is concerned that some residents may not be adequately informed of the risk of bushfire.

It is imperative that all residents have a Bushfire Survival Plan in place. 

Plan. Act. Survive.  

Some simple tips in preparing your home for bushfire:  

  1. Clear gutters and spoutings of litter
  2. Remove flammable fuels away from your house.  
  3. Keep grass low around your home
  4. Check your water pumps regularly

When there is a fire in the area the following warnings will be issued:  


An incident is occurring.
Keep informed and monitor conditions around you.


You need to take action now to protect yourself and others.

Emergency Warning:

You are in imminent danger.
You will be impacted upon.

Prepare to Evacuate:

An evacuation is recommended.

Does your Fire Plan include the following?  

  1. When will you enact your plan?  
  2. How will you keep informed of the emergency?  
  3. Who is likely to be at home during the week, at weekends and holidays?  
  4. Who will be responsible for the care of children?  
  5. What will you do with your pets and livestock?  
  6. If you evacuate how will you travel and what routes are available to you?

Your Emergency Kit could Include:
– Mobile Phone
– Battery operated radio
– Protective clothing (long sleeves and legs – made of natural fibres)
– Food and Water
– Woollen Blanket
– Medications and Toiletries
– Change of clothes
– First Aid Kit
-Cash (ATMs may not be available)
– Valuable documents

The Neighbourhood Safer Place as sign posted will be open on days of severe weather warnings.
(Crn. Pioneer Rd/Beechworth Stanley Rd.)

The Stanley Fire Brigade urges everyone to take responsibility for their own safety and to keep informed of weather conditions and fire incidents through the use of the VicEmergency App, radio and general observation.

Please look out for your neighbours as well. 

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