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  • Music and the Arts in support of VCAT Challenge


The Jazz night on 20 September was highly successful.

It was great to see the Stanley, Beechworth and surrounding communities support a fabulous night of entertainment, while raising an amount exceeding $3000 for the VCAT challenge to the Cue Springs Water Utility planning permit application, which will be heard over three days in Melbourne commencing 1 December 2014.

  • The action to oppose the Cue Springs Water Utility was commenced by SRCI about 14 months ago, on behalf of Stanley residents at Cue Springs, who are concerned at the impact the mining and carriage of water out of the district will have on the domestic, horticulture and wider agricultural activities of local property owners.
  • During the last 18 months SRCI has campaigned vigorously on behalf of those residents, with the support of the majority of the community, to lobby Council to reject the planning application by Stanley Pastoral Pty Ltd, after the company was granted a ground water license to sink a bore on the property by Goulburn-Murray Water. Council unanimously voted to reject a recommendation to approve a planning permit. The issue will now be determined by VCAT.

The SRCI Executive is pursuing opportunities for pro-bono legal assistance to represent SRCI and the community at the VCAT hearing. To support our appearance, SRCI needs expert professionals to provide evidence reinforcing our position. Funding will be needed for this expert evidence, hence the need to raise money through events such as the Jazz Night and two outstanding raffles that are being planned for October and November.

Internationally known Australian artist Peter Caddy has generously donated a painting valued at $4,500 to help raise funds.

The painting ‘Fountain of Youth’ is pastel on paper and one of a series from the exhibition titled ‘Beechworth Gothic’ held in 2009. The centrepiece of the painting is the gold rush era fountain in central Beechworth depicting the preciousness of water, a link to our current dilemma. Tickets will be on sale at the Stanley Post Office and outside the IGA Beechworth during October, with the draw to be made on a date to be advised in early November.

John Dermer, the Yackandandah based world-renowned Australian potter and ceramicist has generously made and donated a beautiful urn to be raffled in support the Save Stanley’s Water for Stanley campaign.

Another wonderful connection to the preciousness of water and John has valued the urn at $3000. Tickets will be available from the Stanley Post Office and outside the IGA Beechworth during November, with the raffle to be drawn on a date to be advised in early December.

Photographic images of both items will be on display at raffle selling places.

Tickets will be $2 each with three being sold for $5.

SRCI Annual General Meeting

The Third SRCI Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at Stanley Memorial Hall on Sunday 19 October 2014 commending 2pm.

All positions on the committee are spilled at the AGM and nominations for the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two ordinary committee members, must be lodged with the Secretary no less than seven days (Monday 13 October 2014) before the AGM. Nomination forms will be available at the Stanley Post Office.

Only financial members can be nominated for positions. Both the nominator and seconder must also be financial members. Any further information concerning nominations is available from SRCI Executive Committee President – Ed Tyrie (0419295352), Vice President – Mike Byrne (5728 6611), Secretary – Helen McIntyre 5728 6591 and Treasurer – Kim Thompson (5728 6599).

  • All of the Executive Committee, together with Ordinary Committee Member Geoffrey Fryer, has indicated they will stand for nomination over the 2014/15 year.
  • Terri McNally has decided not to renominate for the position of Ordinary Committee Member. The SRCI Executive Committee appreciates the valuable support and assistance that Terri provided during the past twelve months.

SRCI and the Executive Committee need your support. Please consider joining SRCI, and if you are a financial member, consider standing for the Committee. If you are not a financial member, please support the work of the SRCI by renewing your membership

  • SRCI operates the Stanley Post Office 364 days a year, providing a vital service and hub for the community.\
  • SRCI continues to publish the Nine Mile News, bringing local news to the community.
  • SRCI liaises with Indigo Shire Council on behalf of its membership on issues vital to the Stanley community, including the Cue Springs Water Utility proposal and Stanley Township issue.


Stanley Rural Community Inc (SRCI) is delighted to announce that it has entered into an agreement with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) to enable community use of the school building, grounds and amenities during 2015.

This unique opportunity arose very recently and SRCI believed it was important to grasp it promptly, so that Stanley residents may enjoy the benefits afforded by securing this important asset for our little community.

SRCI has undertaken to maintain the grounds and building during the lease period and wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the DEECD in agreeing to allow the school to be made available to the Stanley community. Many former students still live in Stanley and a considerable number of families here have provided several generations of children who attended the School during the past 150-plus years.

No decisions have yet been made regarding just what activities may take place at Stanley Primary School next year.  One possibility is for SRCI to move the present ‘interim’ Post Office into the school, but discussions with the DEECD on this issue are continuing and will take time.

SRCI will shortly invite expressions of interest from the community in general to examine potential ways to obtain maximum usage of the school under the agreement – it should be noted that there will have to be charges to cover utility costs, etc.

Nevertheless, SRCI believes that an exciting new phase in the long life of Stanley Primary School has begun and looks forward to discussing lots of innovative suggestions and proposals for its future.

Ed Tyrie

President, SRCI

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