Stanley Produce Swap

Thank you very much to all who supported the first Stanley Produce Swap of the year. It was very well attended, as you can see. and all of us had a delicious morning tea (many thanks to Gerri, Amber and the nameless muffins) whilst also being able to catch up with friends, neighbours and community news.

What was particularly encouraging was being able to introduce more recent Stanley arrivals to those more established community members. All too often we pass in cars on the road and seldom actually have the time or space to speak to each other. This allowed all to gather and chat in addition to stocking the shelves.

Stanley Produce Swap 2014Delicious brownies were swapped for fresh herbs for silver beet for preserves for sweet peas for fruit cakes for rhubarb for peonies for fresh sour dough bread for tomato seedlings for clean jars for eggs for kale seedlings for Anzac biscuits. If people arrived with nothing to swap a small donation toward the upkeep of the Neighbourhood Safer Place was accepted. We are then able to gradually build up the resources offered by this building to the community of Stanley.

Produce Swap Stanley November 2014The next Stanley Produce Swap is on Saturday December 13th so please do come along if you are able.

Secret plans are currently underway to design and construct a proper, weather-proof sign for the Main Road to remind us all that the Produce Swap is on the following Saturday. My rushed attempts at the first sign (all very dodgy and hard to read) were commented upon leading to the decision for further research!

Again, many thanks to all who supportedĀ this gathering and please do feel free to attend the December Swap when we should all have even more to share.

Jenny Indian

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