Stanley Primary School

Stanley Primary School –  Closure or Pause?

Well, after the eloquent appeal from Kelli Hicks in our February issue, there appeared to be a tiny glimmer of hope that this old-established school, which celebrated its sesquicentenary in 2007, might be able to continue, judging by the numbers who attended the Community Forum in the Stanley Hall on Tuesday 5th February.

Unfortunately, it appears that this is unlikely.  Timing seems to have worked against our little school, as its principal began sick leave on 27th November 2012, making it difficult for existing and prospective parents to discuss plans for the 2013 school year over the holiday period.

The school problem dominated the Community Forum, with a second meeting arranged on 13th February between parents and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) to discuss possible solutions, but it appears none were found.

So, with no children enrolled, the school is not operating.  The next important date may be 15th April, when Term 2 begins, but it does not seem likely there will be a queue of children seeking to enrol.  Thus, after 155 years, Stanley has now lost its school, unless some unlikely miracle happens.

Four years ago the store closed and a little over two years ago the former Post Office closed.  Fortunately the latter was succeeded by the current ‘interim’ Post Office in Pioneer Road, for which a permanent location is still sought .

It’s impossible, of course, to ignore the fact that the School premises could offer a solution of this problem if DEECD decides to sell or lease the school so Stanley residents will watch developments with interest

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