Stanley Primary School Update

Stanley Primary School Update

John Pryor provided the following response to the community about the consideration of Stanley Primary School re-opening in 2014:


Classes at Stanley P S will not be running in 2014. We received 8 expressions of interest, made up of 4 students from Stanley, 2 from Beechworth, and 2 who are currently in Japan and may relocate. The decision was made with the central focus on what is best for students and after considering all facts. A brief was prepared and sent to the Regional Director and Deputy Secretary (Regional Services Group). After careful consideration it was decided to de-staff the school for a further 12 months.

All families that expressed interest have been contacted. Students will be able to access, or continue to access schools in Beechworth or Wooragee.

John Pryor,
Senior Adviser Regional Performance and Planning

Dept of Education and Early Childhood Development, NE VIC Region

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