Stanley Primary School Community Working Bee and Shared Pizza Lunch

Stanley primary School working beeOn Sunday the 25th of March, the Stanley Primary school was the lucky host of a productive and fun working bee and shared wood-fired oven pizza lunch attended by both school families and members of the Stanley community.

Having postponed from the Saturday, due to the fog, misty rain and icy cold air to which we awoke that morning, we instead enjoyed working in the sunshine.

Plenty was ‘ticked off the list’, including: the locating and filling with soil of eight new hardwood vegie garden beds for the new organic kitchen garden which is planted, grown and harvested by the students for use in their ‘healthy lifestyle’ cooking sessions; the spreading of rock ‘mulch’ over garden beds adjacent to the school building as part of bushfire safety works; and the raking of leaves from around the playground (a job that never ends – though we do love the wonderful shade over the playground area!).

Leaves were used as mulch around the new fruit trees (we are lucky enough to now have an orchardist family in the school so watch them grow now!) and a bonfire was lit.

Best of all was the wonderful lunch we had together – fresh made pizzas from the wood fired oven, enjoyed together by kids and adults alike.

Stanley kids enjoying the working beeIt was fabulous to see everyone working together for the Stanley community.

Thanks in particular to Andrea for the pizza dough, Kylie for finding everything we needed, Herman for chain sawing some of garden sleepers to length, and everyone who moved rocks, soil, weeds and leaves (and little kids!).

The highlight for me was simply seeing everyone getting together, and being part of a vibrant community












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