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Matters Arising from Interruption to Power Supply

Whilst we did not experience any threat from fire, the other night we lost power in Stanley as a result of lightning strikes.

The power was out from evening on the Wednesday until 1:30pm the following day, and I encountered a few experiences that are relevant to a power outage however caused.

Since Stanley is at the end of a power line, and there are no secondary feeds into our town, we can expect to experience power outages more frequently than most other locations.

When we returned home that evening we had some issues:

  • Then there was the emergency FM radio.  This had been checked recently. It is a solar- and battery-powered, and also wind up. This worked very well, in the sunlight, but that night it was found that the rechargeable batteries were not functioning so it was useless.
  • first there was a torch that could not be located, and when found it had flat batteries! Apparently the grandchildren had found it and they had run the batteries down. So, spare batteries had to be found and these were in a shed outside. The resultant action was to purchase another torch and locate this in a permanent position near the front door. Further more, spare batteries were located in the house and additional batteries have been purchased.
  • Next there was the telephone. The emergency analogue phone was located outside and the batteries on the mobiles were low. Fortunately there was a Power Bank battery to hand. This is a small device about the size of a (flat) cigarette packet. This can be charged from a USB port, and it can be used to recharge mobile phones and iPads, etc. Further more, it can be used to power a USB light. These power banks are cheap, and come in many sizes. We have two such Power banks, each rated at 12000mAh. Each of these can recharge a mobile phone several times and can easily recharge an iPad or equivalent twice. They are most useful.
  • Then there was the generator that was dragged out to run the freezer. There is always the possibility with infrequently-used petrol engines the unleaded petrol will deteriorate, and experience shows that this can cause problems with the carburettor. There is a simple additive that can be purchased and added to the fuel that prolongs the life of unleaded fuels in the tanks of small engines. Fortunately there was no problem with the generator this time.
  • Finally there was petrol. We always strive to have a minimum of 5 litres to hand, as well as full tanks in the small petrol and more than a quarter of a tank in the car.

One final note is that in times of fire danger it is advisable to park you car in such a manner that it a straight drive away to the front gate and therefore no time is lost trying to turn it around.

·       Fire Restrictions

Fire Restrictions are now in force for the shire of Indigo. For details of activities permitted during these restrictions, and also on days of Total Fire Ban, go to


·       Missing Fire Hose – still missing

A 30m length of fire hose that was left to dry outside the Fire Shed has gone missing. This is part of the equipment that is used to help protect local properties. If anyone has any information that would help the Stanley Brigade locate this missing hose, then please contact the Fire Captain, Royston Smith on 57286632.

Reference Data

  • CFA Brigade siren – a siren may sound for up to 90 seconds to indicate a CFA Brigade has responded to an emergency incident nearby.
  • CFA Brigade sirens and community sirens – a prolonged, 5-minute signal will indicate that a current emergency has been identified in the local area and people should seek further information.
  • CFA Brigade local siren will be tested every Saturday morning at 0900hrs. The test will consists of a short run of approximately 10 seconds.

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