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Fire Danger Rating Sign

A new fire danger sign has been erected outside the Stanley Community Post Office. This is a manual sign that will be checked daily and the rating altered if and when required.

 Fire Restrictions

Fire Restrictions are now in force for the shire of Indigo. For details of activities permitted during these restrictions and also on days of Total Fire Ban go to

Missing Fire Hose

Stanley CFA - Stanley VictoriaA 30m length of fire hose which was left to dry outside the Fire Shed has gone missing. This is part of the equipment which is used to help protect local properties. If anyone has any information which would help the Stanley Brigade locate this missing hose, then please contact the Fire Captain, Royston Smith on 57286632.

Reference Data

  • CFA Brigade siren – a siren may sound for up to 90 seconds to indicate a CFA Brigade has responded to an emergency incident nearby.
  • CFA Brigade sirens and community sirens – a prolonged, 5-minute signal will indicate that a current emergency has been identified in the local area and people should seek further information.
  • CFA Brigade local siren will be tested every Saturday morning at 0900hrs. The test will consists of a short run of approximately 10 seconds.

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