Stanley Artists and Artisans

Stanley Artists & Artisans

The Steering Committee of the Rural Arts Victoria Stanley ARC Project is seeking to establish a Register of artists, musicians, craftspeople etc. etc.
The Register will gather information about the many and varied forms of artistic expression that Stanley and district residents practise.

The Register will provide a valuable “virtual” meeting place for Stanley’s Arts Community, and will inform and assist the Steering Committee in their work in establishing a focus for art of all kinds in our rich and diverse Stanley Plateau Township and Region.

Those wishing to be on the register will include but certainly be not limited to: fine artists; performing artists; authors, writers and poets; indigenous artists and musicians; craft and textile artists, knitters, spinners, crotchetiest and weavers; sculptors, woodworkers, stone and metal craftspeople; garden and floral artists; singers and musicians of any stripe or experience; people who like to draw, paint or sketch; art educators; photographers, people with skills in art installation and exhibition, staging, lighting and sound production; arts management and liaison; willing supporters of the arts of any kind; and people with some time to spare and share.

(Have I forgotten anybody? Please forgive me and even better let us know about you!!)

Please tell us:

Your Name and your Contact details: (e.g. phone, email, website, Facebook page, PO Box, carrier pigeon name etc.)

Your field of expertise and/or interest in the Arts: (be as expansive/inclusive as you like)

Do you exhibit/perform? (would you like to exhibit/perform in a dedicated Arts Space?)

Your availability: (would you be willing to give some of your time, or an in kind contribution to the ARC project?)

Do you wish to be involved but prefer to keep your contact details confidential at this stage? (please indicate!)

Other useful comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Please send your reply email or
ask a question by emailing:

With warm wishes,
Geoffrey Fryer
Communications Officer for the Steering Committee

(Tel: 0400 110 973)


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