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In its very short life, the rather modest Post Office in Pioneer Road has assumed the status of something of a Stanley Institution. So much so that it is almost taken for granted – something that is there and will always be there.

Stanley Victoria Interim Post OfficeThe Community Post Office is a location where people catch up with each other, exchange gossip and discuss community issues.

Stanley can count itself lucky in that there is a very loyal band of volunteers who give up their time to ensure that the Post Office opens 364 days of the year, and have done so since its inception.

Even with volunteers, the facility does cost money to run. Funds to operate the Post Office have, to date, come from Grants, community donations, membership fees of the SRCI and, of course, the daily operations of the Post Office itself.

Whilst grant monies are perhaps the easiest source of funds, grants are notoriously hard to come by. It is quite normal that for every grant that is available, there are, at least, ten applications for the same grant and this would have to be a conservative figure. In the majority of cases, grants are usually for the purchase of items of a capital nature – microwaves, heaters, fridges etc. There are very few grants that are specifically earmarked for re-current operating expenditure.

The SRCI maintains a very close watch on all sources of grants and, where it is applicable to our needs, applications are made. Unfortunately over the past twelve months the success rate has not been good, although the Indigo Shire Council has been supportive in both monetary and encouragement terms.

As a member of the Stanley Community, you can contribute to the on-going success of our Post Office by becoming a paid up member of the SRCI, by making a monetary contribution, or by volunteering to help staff the Post office.

Volunteering is fun, and a small commitment of even one shift a fortnight is a big help and re-connects people with friends and neighbours and is a great way of catching up on Stanley news.

WithoSRCIlogout Community support, the SRCI and the Stanley Post Office will simply NOT SURVIVE in the present form.

The intention is to move the Post Office to the Stanley School so that it becomes more of a Community hub, although there are cost considerations associated with such a move and, as such, the overall value of the service to the Community will be directly reflected in the Community’s response enabling this to happen.

Anyone wishing to make a contribution can do so by making a deposit directly to the SRCI account at the Bendigo Bank: BSB: 633-000 Account No.: 152133567.SRCI – Stanley Matters

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