SRCI Annual General Meeting (2013)

The Annual General Meeting of Stanley Rural Community Inc. (SRCI) will be held on Sunday 24 November 2013 commencing at 2pm in the Stanley Memorial Hall. Mike Byrne, SRCI Secretary, will be circulating a notice about the AGM in coming weeks.

SRCIlogoThe AGM will see the election of a new Executive Committee to steer the SRCI over the coming year. The new committee will have the job of considering the future of the post office in light of the outcomes of the proposed community meeting and council process regarding the zoning issues.

There will be many other issues for consideration including funding to maintain SRCI as well as the post office.


The Executive Committee presently comprises eight members; President, Vice-President; Secretary, Treasure, and four ordinary members.

For those who may be interested in contributing to the community through holding office on the SRCI Executive Committee, there will be vacancies in the 2013/14 year. Vice President Genevieve Milham, Committee Members Cate Ferguson, Cos Richards, Vicki Knopers, and I will be standing down.

Financial membership of the SRCI is required to hold a committee position. There is an official process that needs to be followed. Mike Byrne will remind everyone of what to do or you can contact him for details.

This article provides me with the opportunity to acknowledge the outstanding commitment made by all members of the committee, in particular those that are standing down.

Genevieve Milham has been Vice-President since 2010.  Genevieve made a huge commitment to the work of the Executive Committee especially in relation to grant applications that saw the foundation of funding for the post office and other projects undertaken by SRCI. Thanks Genevieve.

Cate Ferguson made an outstanding effort on behalf of the community in helping to set up and manage the post office for over two years. That job alone required enormous energy and commitment. On top of that Cate edited and produced the Nine Mile News for over two years, and set-up and managed our Stanley website. Well done Cate and thanks.

Cos Richards and Vicki Knopers have served on the Executive Committee for the past year, and undertaken whatever was a asked of them. Their commitment and drive contributed to the excellent work of the committee. Cos and Vicki worked on the feasibility study for a BMX Track in Stanley. The idea was suggested by Stanley youth and the feasibility study funded by Council. While the study indicated the idea was not viable, the work undertaken by Cos and Vicki was valuable and effective. Cos has also assisted in the compiling of the NMN over the past year. Thanks and well done to both Cos and Vicki.

Mike Byrne, Helen McIntyre, and Kim Thompson, will re-nominate for the Executive Committee. Their contribution has also been significant and I have been grateful for their support.

Chris Brett made an outstanding contribution as the Inaugural Treasurer of SRCI: a great job in the difficult circumstances of setting up the financial records, managing funding, purchasing equipment and looking after the Community BBQ Trailer.

Serving a community in any way requires a commitment of time and energy. Each of the committee members has discharged their role and functions far beyond what would normally be expected. The SRCI has achieved great outcomes for the community since 2010, as a result of the efforts of each member of the committee. I am sure there are lots of other things they all did that haven’t been mentioned. Thank you and well done.

A refreshed committee is a chance for new ideas and outcomes. I leave SRCI in a sound position to achieve whatever the community wants.

Thanks for the communities’ support, especially to those who contributed in the early days of SRCI and in particular the construction of the post office.  Bryan Mackenzie and Marija Patterson deserve special mention as they purchased the former construction office that houses the post office.

If I haven’t mentioned someone’s contribution, my apologies.

Ed Tyrie
President SRCI


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