SRCI AGM elects New Committee

A new committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting of Stanley Rural Community Inc. held on Sunday 22nd April 2012.

Its first Annual General Meeting (attended by twenty Stanley residents) was held in the Hall, the Association having been incorporated 18 months ago.

Indigo Shire Councillor Bernard Gaffney chaired the AGM.  

Outgoing President Ed Tyrie outlined the history of SRCI, its achievements to date and its future goals.  The latter include in particular the establishment of a permanent Post Office for Stanley, perhaps in conjunction with a general store and cafe.

Outgoing Treasurer Chris Brett’s report clearly showed that SRCI is in a solid financial position.

Election of a new Committee then followed, with all positions declared vacant.

Cr. Gaffney informed the Meeting that Chris Brett and Julie Willis had decided not to stand again.

He announced that eight nominations had been received for the Committee, equal to the number of vacancies. According to the Rules of Association therefore, all eight were deemed to be duly elected.  Tea, coffee and biscuits were enjoyed after the Meeting ended.

The new Committee’s office-bearers are: 

  • Mr. E. Tyrie  (President),
  • Ms. G. Milham (Vice-President),
  • Mr. K. Thompson (Treasurer),
  • Mr. M. Byrne  (Secretary)

The four Ordinary Members are: 

  • Ms. C. Ferguson,
  • Mrs. V. Knopers,
  • Mrs. H. McIntyre and
  • Ms. C. Richards.

You can read the minutes of the AGM on the Stanley Community Website at:

Just visit the SRCI community page and you will see a link to download the minutes as a PDF document

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