Save Stanley’s Water Campaign

Stanley Plateau Harvest Dinner

Stanley Rural Community Inc.The last of our major fund raising events was held on Saturday 4 June to raise funds to meet the requirement to lodge a further payment of $10,000 with the Supreme Court as a surety for the appeal hearing. We reached the target and the payment was lodged with the Court before the due date – 18 June


It was a very special night of community spirit highlighting the very essence of the campaign – to protect Stanley’s special status as a high-value agricultural plateau. Our meal was mainly derived from produce grown and gathered on the plateau, where water is the essential life-blood that makes Stanley a unique and special place. Water security, now and in the future, is fundamental to its survival.

Ed Tyrie, President of SRCI, addressed the dinner participants and introduced Daniel Robinson, who also spoke. A copy of Ed’s address follows. A copy of the Ovens & Murray Advertiser article reporting Daniel Robinson’s address follows.

Ed Tyrie’s address:

Thank you for being here. There are over 130 people in the room. That means we have raised over $5000 to put towards our Save Stanley Water fund raising campaign.

That also means we have sufficient money in our account to pay the next payment of $10,000 to the Supreme Court as the second surety instalment.

That result is an incredibly significant outcome from a small community. In Stanley terms that is almost $100 per person on the last ABS population figures.

Of course, Beechworth and communities beyond have been involved. The response from the Beechworth community post the information night indicates that, at last, people are responding to the impact of the water mining and related transport issues. We are grateful for all of the support received in reaching this milestone.

The trucks are now rolling and you will have seen them traversing Forde Street as they journey to and from Albury: legally, unfortunately, although there are already reports of breaching the time curfew.  Let’s not dwell on Stanley Pastoral more than we have to tonight.

Let’s celebrate the success so far, and our community spirit and co-operation.

We have with us our lawyer, Daniel Robinson, and his wife, Cinzia Pedrotti.  As many of you know, Daniel has been with us on this journey for most of the past two years.

His tenacity, skills and knowledge are the reason we are here tonight. He is a good bloke too. While we were unsuccessful at VCAT, Daniel’s response to me when he first read the VCAT decision was ‘this is ripe for appeal’ and we went from there. Daniel will say a few words to us in a moment.

There are a few people who need acknowledged and thanked for contributing towards this evening’s dinner and to the effort more generally.

The Nuck Family
– Annette, Michael, Chris, and Pru, and their staff, together with our world famous Stanley chef, Michel Renoux, and his willing helpers. This event would certainly not be happening without their passion and generosity. Many of those serving you tonight are giving their time freely.

The wine makers and vineyards that have donated the magnificent wines that we are drinking:

Thank you to each of you for you contribution to our effort and to an enjoyable evening.

Thank you to all of those who donated produce.

  • To Dave and Helen McIntyre for chestnuts,
  • Henry and Rita Hilton from Snowline for apples, Stephen Oke and Andrea Cook for potatoes and other vegetables,
  • Carmel and Royston for one of their lambs,
  • Kylie and Luke from Beechworth Butchers for the other lamb,
  • Jenny Indian and Steve Routledge, Hugh and Gerri Grady, Amber and Andrew Croft, Chris Chambeyron, for their donations of rhubarb and vegetables,
  • Gwen and Ian Smith for walnuts,
  • Helen McAlpine and Pierre Masclef for the olives, and to anyone else whom I don’t know about who donated produce, a heartfelt thanks.

Through your efforts we achieved a wonderful Stanley Plateau Harvest Dinner: a marvellous community event.

  • Thanks to Margo and Peter at Finches for the wonderful accommodation raffle prize, David King of Mayday Hills Nursery for the prize of a box of plants, Michel Renoux for a prize of 3 viburnums, and Bob and Shannon from The Ageing Frog for donating the $25 vouchers as prizes: great generosity and wonderful support.
  • To Helen McAlpine, Aaron and the band, and Col Kidd, our thanks for your involvement in making the evening so enjoyable with your music. I understand we will also be entertained by Florence and Francois when they have finished in the dining room.
  • I must also acknowledge Councillor Bernard Gaffney, who is with us tonight with his wife Karen, for his efforts over the past two and a half years supporting the Stanley Community in their efforts over the water issue.
  • Also, Jamie Kronborg, who is here with his partner, Peter Kenyon, for his reporting of the water issue in a fair and balanced way. The paper has won two awards over the time the story has been running. We are grateful for your efforts in reporting this matter in a manner that reflects the community’s passion, integrity and transparency in pursuing this vitally important and challenging issue.

To my wife, Maggy, without whose support this role would be more difficult than it is. Thank you so much for meeting the demands placed on you over the past two and a half years.

Mike Byrne was responsible for chasing the leads that eventually lead to Daniel being here with us. I wish he could be here to witness the occasion, but it is great to have Marilla with us tonight.

Now is a good time to say thanks again to everyone who has supported the campaign, and to introduce Daniel Robinson.

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