Satire in a Lounge Room

Canberra’s leading political satirists, Shortis and Simpson, are coming to Stanley.

John Shortis is a political animal who happens to write songs, and Moya Simpson is a singer/actor with a flair for comedy.   16 years ago they moved from Sydney to Canberra because they noticed that in a city full of politicians no one was sending them up.  Someone had to do it, and they soon found themselves performing regularly in the capital’s theatres, cabaret venues, museums and archives.

Now they present their special brand of humour in a lounge room near you.  Stanley residents Helen and Nick know Shortis and Simpson from their time in Canberra, and will open their doors for a house concert. Shortis and Simpson will present the latest in their up-to-date satire, in the intimacy of a local lounge room.

And, just as the budget and the budget reply have sunk in, what better way to survive the onslaught from Swan and Gillard, Abbott and Hockey, than a night of laughs from Shortis and Simpson.

Relive the political highlights and lowlights that you wished you’d forgotten:

–      the Great Australia Day Shoe Incident,

–      the Rudd-Will-Save-Us-All resignation speech from Washington,

–      the Julia/Kevin-Has-My-Full-Support character assassinations,

–      the Ugly Leadership Spill,

–      the New Carr on the Block,

–      the Queensland Election Massacre of Captain Bligh…not to mention whatever happens in the next month.

On the joys of staying topical, Moya Simpson says ‘Many of our songs get sung once, because by the next week the story’s out of date.

‘We’ve been known to write songs in the car on the way to a gig, and we’ve even done a quick rewrite minutes before being introduced on the radio,’ adds Shortis.

Satire in a Lounge Room is poignant, witty, irreverent, and very funny. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see political satire at its best.

Satire in a Lounge Room

Sunday June 3, at 5pm. Finishes 7.30pm.

Cost $20 and $15 concession – Some nibbles provided. bring more if you like & BYO drinks.

Seats are limited.

For bookings and directions  phone: (03) 5728 6569


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