Reminder on CB Hand Held Radios

This is a reminder to all who have received hand held CB radios from the Stanley Brigade. As you will recall these units run on AA batteries. AA batteries are liable to corrosion at the ends. If this were to happen when they are located in a CB unit, severe damage can be inflicted on the internal battery compartment of the radio. In some cases this type of corrosion is so bad that the CB radio becomes inoperable.

Therefore, if you expect that you are not going to use your radio, then it is strongly recommended that the

batteries are removed. Also, do not forget to have spare batteries on hand and kept near to your radio for when they are required.

A further tip is that when the batteries are purchased they are left in the bubble wrapped packaging and that you mark this packaging with the date of purchase. In most cases the expiry date of AA batteries is many years into the future, so spare batteries can be purchased now and kept with the radio. Remember – be prepared.

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