Red Cross Calling – URGENT – Collection Volunteers Needed

Next month, March, is “Red Cross Calling” month.

Stanley is noted for its generous support of this very worthwhile organisation, however, over the past few years, some of our very busy and long-serving collection volunteers have decided to take a break.

Please support the “Red Cross Calling” collection in Stanley by volunteering a small portion of your time during the month of March.

Ideally, if we had enough volunteers to just call on their immediate neighbours, 2-4 calls, that would take the pressure off our existing volunteers, some of whom travel to outlying properties. Please think about helping out Red Cross on this basis.

If you can give just a few hours of your time each March – that’s less than half a day, once a year, please give Lee a call 5728 6640 for more information. Many thanks.

Lee Whamond

Stanley “Red Cross Calling” Co-Ordinator

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