Noticeboard-Sculpture Update

To all involved,  the following is a brief summary of where the Stanley Noticeboard project goes from here after a meeting on Wed Mar 16th between Indigo Council’s Mark Florence, Ben Gilbert, the Friends of Stanley Athenaeum, Stanley Primary School, Mike Byrne and myself:-

•        At the meeting it was agreed that Ben Gilbert from the Agency of Sculpture would go away and draft up a concept based on the comments and a subsequent meeting with the group of Stanley residents now representing the project.

•        The proposed location of the noticeboard is to be out the front of the kitchen side of the Stanley Hall. This will be subject to a discussion with Council’s Heritage Advisor, Deb Kemp who had raised concerns in the past around locating the noticeboard in the Athenaeum / Hall precinct and also VicRoads potentially. This will be taking place on Thursday 5th April and include the designer and myself. This will not be a formal meeting involving everyone.

•        Once the design and location have been supported by the heritage advisor it will be costed up to determine whether it is possible within the funds remaining in the budget. It is worth noting that the removal of the existing noticeboard will also need to be factored into the remaining budget.

•        Unless they are able to be used on the revised noticeboard, all elements of the existing noticeboard project, including the rock will be returned to Council. They will not be available for other community projects in Stanley.

•        If deemed financially possible the design and location will be forwarded to the community representative group to take it out for community comment and support. At the end of the day the community representative group need to be able to be the ones who sign off on the design and location of the noticeboard.

Hopefully things run smoothly and we have a good outcome at the end.


Chris Westwood

Team Leader Recreation & Community Strengthening – Indigo Shire Council

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