Marysville – Our Community visit

Posted on May 2, 2010 by stanleyeditors

It was a cold morning, about 3 degrees.
A public holiday when 27 hardy souls met outside the Stanley Primary School at 7.30am on Monday 26 April and boarded a Beechworth Buslines coach for the four hour trip to Marysville.

The Trip
Our driver, Bruce Forrest, soon had the heating on and we began to warm up. A newspaper stop at Beechworth and then on to Bonny Doon where Carol Leary and her helpers sustained us with a cuppa and biscuits.

We arrived at Marysville about 11.30am and toured the township in the bus. The progress that has been made is astonishing. While the extent of the devastation was still evident, the courage and enthusiasm underpinning the re-building of Marysville was quite remarkable.

The opportunity to have a break and visit the Bakery or other cafes and restaurants for an early lunch was welcome. As was the opportunity to view a photographic exhibition that provided a visual account of Marysville before and after the fire as well as exhibits providing an account of the intensity. Well worth seeing.

The Garden
A visit to Bruno’s Sculpture Garden followed.
Bruno was on hand to welcome us and provide a personal account of the fire, it’s impact and re-building in the face of extreme adversity.

Many of his works survived the fire because they were kiln dried ceramics only to be nearly destroyed by falling trees.

Many of the exhibits have been painstakingly put back together piece by piece. Volunteers helped both with the repairing and rebuilding of the garden as well as raising money to help restore the garden and gallery.

The visit was most enjoyable and to see what this extraordinary creative individual and his helpers have achieved is inspiring. A trip to Marysville should be on everyone’s agenda. Thanks to all those who planned and helped make the day very successful and most enjoyable.

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