Loch Whamond?


Have you seen the mysterious newly-erected painted sign at the Stanley dam?  Does anyone know how it came to be there?

It suddenly appeared on 23rd October, unannounced – a very professional-looking piece of work.

The following day a Notice of a Public Meeting was circulated announcing that a new Committee of Management for the Stanley Spring Ditch and Wetlands Reserve Incorporated is needed, since the current committee is standing down ‘en masse’ after more than 12 years in office.

The Meeting will be held at the Hall on Wednesday 7th November, commencing at 7.30PM.

No doubt all will be revealed then.

Hopefully there will be substantial interest and a new group of concerned residents will join together to retain the Stanley community’s close relationship with this Reserve, rather than meekly handing its management back to the Department of Sustainability and Environment.

Come on, Stanley – get involved!

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