In Memory…

ValeVALE DR Meg Warren
Dr Meg Warren will be sadly missed by the Stanley community.

Apart from being the GP of many Stanley residents, Meg was also a long-time cyclist to Stanley every Sunday morning with the LFZ group.

Sometimes she rode up from Beechworth to enjoy the Stanley trails during the week too. Meg encouraged everyone to cycle for health, particularly women. She loved the beauty of the Stanley plateau.

Her contribution to our community professionally, recreationally and in personal friendships was significant.

ValeVALE Peter Terrill
Peter Terrill was an emergency teacher at Stanley Primary School in the 1990s after he retired from Beechworth Primary School.

The children loved his classes because he would come organised with materials so they could do hands-on activities like building and constructing things.

Peter’s past Stanley Primary School students are now in their twenties.

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