IGA Community Benefits Card

The Committee of the SRCI is pleased to announce that the SRCI has now signed up with the IGA Community Benefit Card Scheme.

This programme allows all those who shop at IGA or Ritchies Supermarkets to obtain a free Community Benefit Card and to nominate an organisation to benefit from this worthwhile scheme whereby IGA pays a percentage of your supermarket purchases to the organisation of your choice.

cb_Card2012This scheme imposes no cost on the card-holder and is a simple and no fuss way of making an indirect contribution to the Community.

If you don’t have a card, it is a simple process to obtain one – either complete a brief application form when you are next at IGA. You will be asked to nominate a beneficiary from an approved list.

Even simpler, a number of pre-programmed cards are available at the Stanley Post Office – the SRCI being the beneficiary. If you don’t want the hassle of another card in your wallet, a bar code is available to put on your key ring that is scanned at the time of checkout.

The choice of beneficiary is yours, but contributions flowing to the SRCI will go directly to benefit the Stanley Community primarily by contributing to the defrayment of the costs of operating the Stanley Post Office.

Now is a good time to check, when you are next at IGA, just who your nominated beneficiary is. It is suggested that if your nomination is the Stanley Primary School, you may like to consider a change to the SRCI on the basis that the school is no longer operative and any monies currently being paid through the scheme are most likely flowing to State Government coffers.

You can also link your mobile phone to the card and this allows you to take advantage of even greater discounts on IGA specials.

A brochure is available when you collect your card that fully explains how the scheme works.

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