Green Thumb and Great Community Spirit?

As most people in Stanley will already be aware, Stanley Primary School has been leased for use by the community.

There are so many things to be done, but one which tugs at the heart strings is the vegetable garden and fruit trees.  So much energy was put into this space by the staff, children and their parents that it seems so sad to have it languish unused.

  • The grounds are being given a makeover with the help of a work crew from Beechworth Prison – they come once a month and are really having a positive impact.
  • Some volunteers have already done a little tidy up of the trees and some of the other parts of the garden, along with the delivery of some straw to mulch the beds.


However, the whole food production area really needs a champion.

Someone (or two or three) willing to take the area under their wing and begin to make the most of the wonderful start we already have.

Is that you?

Is it someone you know?

We don’t have any idea how such a patch might turn out, but we’d love to have the conversation.

  • How can we as a community make the best use of the growing area at the school?
  • What will we do with the produce?
  • Who is going to be the person or the team to leap up to turn it into something amazing?

Please contact Cate Ferguson on 5728 6601 or 0415 106 695 if you would like to chat about this exciting little vegetable patch right in the middle of Stanley.

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