Fort Kochi Post Office, Kerala, India

Some people enjoy train-spotting, whilst others enjoy post office spotting.

The Fort Kochi Post Office in Kerala, India, is inspiring. It is architecturally beautiful, not dissimilar to the lines of the Beechworth Post Office, although it is painted red and white, and is set in tropical gardens.

Like the Stanley Postal Agency, it has a lovely outlook, across from a sports oval.

Fort Kochi Post OfficeIt is extremely efficient. The Mcintyre family posted 2 parcels of books there by India Post ‘surface mail’ (not airmail) on Saturday 29 November 2014, and they arrived safely in Stanley before Xmas!

Fort Kochi PO is welcoming. It has seats outside, along the cool colonnade where customers can wait, rest and chat.

Relaxing at the POLike Stanley PO, it caters for everyone. The following photo shows a Hindu holy man waiting for the PO to open, for even holy men require postal services!

The language in Kerala is Malayalam, but Fort Kochi PO was promoting a ‘Learn and Hindi Word a Day” – ‘prestige’ was the word of that day.

India Post’s latest stamp was released on 8 January 2015 by Prime Minister Modi to commemorate 100 years of Mahatma Gandhi’s return.

(Kochi was formerly known as Cochin).


Helen Mcintyre

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