Fire Up All


Have you prepared for the season ahead
Stuff around house and junk around shed

Cleaned the spoutings, rid the leaves
Filled the gaps you have in your eaves?

Vegetation near house, keep it short.
Check pump and hoses and gear you bought

All helps should a fire flare up one day,
A lightning strike, neighbours burn astray.

fire-443549_1280And if its apt are your firebreaks done Along boundary fence, paddocks, every one?

If it’s to leave house, know what to do A safety plan for family and you.

Raining here at home today and all is wet Tis mid November, how easy to forget

Sun and wind scorch and soon it can turn From green to dry, when things do burn.

Seen fires at worst, and mates have died
Catastophies and many cried.

If the horse has bolted, too late to shut the melted gate.

Forest close, grass does burn
Our community, don’t make it our turn

Stanley has seen it near before
Not for one and all to ignore.

Barfield Bloke


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