Council Rejects Water Mining Application at Hurdle Flat

Indigo Shire Council last night (27 March) rejected an application to build a Utility Development to facilitate water mining at Hurdle Flat.

An application had been sought to build the facility at 218 Hurdle Flat Road, Stanley, for the purpose of extracting water, transporting it for bottling using Double B water tankers.

Councillor Bernard Gaffney moved the motion to reject the application, after Planning Officers had recommended approval. Councillor Diane Shepheard seconded the motion which was supported by Mayor Jenny O’Connor, Deputy Mayor Sophie Price, and Councillor Barb Murdoch.

Their views on water mining reflected those of the community, that water was a precious, finite resource and the proliferation of water mining in Indigo Shire, including Stanley, was to be discouraged.

Councillors James Trenery and Larry Goldsworthy voted against the motion indicated they were against water mining but based their votes on consideration of planning permits and possible VCAT costs if the matter was referred.

SRCI members David McIntyre and Ed Tyrie addressed the meeting on the issue of water mining in Stanley through questions on notice asked during the Open Forum, prior to deliberation by Council of the Application.

Between 30 and 40 members of the community attended the meeting as a show of support in opposing the application and applauded the decision.

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