Community Forum

Indigo Shire Council held its February Council Meeting in the afternoon of Tuesday 14 February in Stanley Soldiers’ Memorial Hall.

A few Stanley residents attended the session and learned some interesting facts.  One of these was that the 40-ha minimum block size for the granting of a Planning Permit for a dwelling is not set in stone.

Council DOES have a degree of discretion in the matter and treats applications on their individual merits.

In the evening the customary Community Forum took place, with some 31 residents present, together with 6 Councillors (Cr. Graham left after the main Council Meeting) and 5 of Council’s senior staff.

A number of Red Cross ladies produced a very substantial meal of barbecued sausages & rissoles with a variety of salads, after which the talk began.

Paul Lane from SP Ausnet gave an overview of power supplies and their treatment in bushfires on Code

Red Days and Chris Brett asked questions about recent power outages in Stanley.

The question of changing the speed limits in Pioneer Road was discussed, with residents there not satisfied with the VicRoads proposal to impose a 50/kmh zone for only half of the distance that they sought to slow traffic.

Council undertook to reopen the issue with VicRoads.

Graeme Sinclair asked (as he has in the past) if it would be possible to get a roundabout established outside his house at the intersection of Mt Stanley & Myrtleford Roads, explaining that at times “…it’s like Conrod Straight out there at times”.

This matter will also be taken up with VicRoads.

Council Planning Manager Ian Scholes then outlined progress (slow) regarding rezoning a small central area of Stanley.  This would facilitate limited commercial activity there, while retaining the overall Farming Zone around it.

He hoped that the change would be in place by June, after community consultation and ministerial approval has been obtained.


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