CFA – CB Radios

Well the time is upon us to start checking items in preparation for the bush fire season. This year many of us will have a CB radio which we enable communications to others, neighbours, fireguard groups and to the fire shed.

Most important of all is that these radios will provide a capability to listen in to what is happening.

Now is the time to ensure you have spare batteries for these radios. It is suggested that a supply of at least 4 sets, that is a dozen spare batteries are obtained.   As stated before, it is strongly
advised that the CB radios are not left for any long periods with the batteries inserted.

You are advised to test out your radio by calling up the fire shed any Sunday morning at 1000hrs.

Also, this would be an excellent time to check that your portable radio which is used to listen to ABC FM during times of fire danger has good batteries and some spares and is in fact still working.

If you use a portable generator during times of a power interruption then now  is a good time to find it and start it up to ensure all is well.

Note on Fire Restrictions

The start and end dates for fire restrictions can be found on this CFA web site

At the time of writing (24th October 2012) – the start date for fire restrictions for the Indigo Shire is 5th December 2012.   Before starting any burn-off  you are advised to  check this web site and notify ESTA (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority) on 1800 668 511


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