Bushfire behaviour

What talented people we do have in Stanley !

Nic Gellie is a fire scientist who has studied the Black Saturday blazes in detail and in Stanley Memorial Hall on 7 February, the third anniversary of that deadly day, he provided an impressive presentation of how the Beechworth-Mudgegonga fire developed and travelled.

This analysis of the fire was different from the usual concentration on personal injury and property loss.  Nic focused on what the fire did, rather than on what people did or didn’t do.

It was a fascinating session with a small group of about 15 residents present, who were united in their appreciation of the staggering amount of effort that had clearly gone into the presentation.

To this reporter, by far the most devastating fact to emerge was the revelation that, if today’s new code of fire danger levels had been in use on that frightful Saturday, it would only have reached ‘Severe’ – two levels below ‘Code Red’ !

That means that if the same conditions are experienced again, we would not be told to leave our homes and find a safer place.  Makes you think…

(…Mike Byrne)

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