Bushfire Anniversaries

fire-443549_1280This Nine Mile News edition brings two Stanley bushfire anniversaries.

They are:

2003 – January 21st: This bushfire swept from the lower Buckland Gap over the Dingle Range, destroying a weekender cottage in the pines above the Stanley cemetery. Then it spotted over the cemetery & the Beechworth-Stanley Road roaring on towards Yackandandah, going as far as Back Creek. Stanley’s quick-fill at the time was the Springditch Pond. This occurred at the same time that 500 houses in Canberra burnt.

Black Saturday, Feb 7th, 2009: This bushfire, like the 2003 fire, started on the Beechworth-Myrtleford Road, though in different circumstances. It roared over the Dingle range toward Mudgegonga engulfing many houses in a tragic firestorm. Stanley’s quick-fill this time was the new dam on the upper side of Spring ditch. There was no ‘safer place’ in Stanley at the time.

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