Arts Complex for Stanley?

Arts Complex for Stanley?

Residents will be interested to learn that an ambitious and exciting project has begun for the establishment of a purpose-built Arts Recreation Kulture collective (ARKc) in Stanley.

The State Government’s Regional Arts Victoria (RAV) recently announced that five grants, each of $350,000, are available to small towns with fewer than 1,500 residents for projects that will transform their towns.

An enthusiastic group of some 50 people held several spirited and wide-ranging ‘brainstorming’ meetings, at which various ideas were discussed.  Time was limited, since Expressions of Interest (EoI) had to be submitted to RAV by 21st February by at least two partners, one of which had to be a legal entity.  SRCI has agreed to fill that role, with the Stanley Hall & Athenaeum Committee, Indigo Shire Council, Murray Arts and Stanley Landcare as the others.

After considerable debate it was decided to explore a proposal to construct a modular, partly-sunken building that would be situated behind the Stanley Hall and Athenaeum.  It will incorporate a theatre space with seating for up to 150 people, together with other rooms/spaces for musicians to practise, artists to paint, etc.

A Steering Committee was formed (comprising Chris Dormer, Genevieve Milham, Helen McIntyre, Geoffrey Fryer, David McKay and Bryan Mackenzie) in order to ‘fast-track’ drafting of the Expression of Interest to meet the deadline.

Geoffrey Fryer undertook to be the Steering Committee’s Communications Officer and to coordinate the preparation and submission of the EoI, which was completed within the timeframe.

In March RAV expects to announce a shortlist of 10 applicants, all of whom will be notified and invited to submit a full application, which must be submitted by noon on Wednesday 3rd April, with the final 5 successful applicants being notified by late April and each ‘Small Towns Transformation’ project is expected to be completed by September 2014.

For now, therefore, Stanley’s collective fingers are crossed for a positive outcome early in March that will see our project on the shortlist.  Then the REAL work begins !

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