About Long Dicks Gully

About Long Dicks Gully

Posted on May 3, 2010 by stanleyeditors

Richard Clarke found gold near Stanley and that place became known as Long Dick’s Gully. 

Why?  He had long legs and was thus given the nickname of “Long Dick”.

Long Dicks Gully 2010

The first members of the Clarke family arrived in the area in the earlier 1850’s, shortly after the first discovery of gold. Joseph and his brother Daniel were the first to arrive at the goldfields and they sent for their younger brother Richard (Dick). 

Daniel subsequently went to Bendigo to determine prospects there and then moved to Tarnagulla.

Joseph and Richard and some of the wider family continued to prospect and mine in the Stanley, Beechworth and related area including down on the Woolshed.

The parents of Joseph, Richard and Daniel; Joseph and Mary Lynch, with other members of the family came to Yackandandah where they were later joined by their daughter Lucy, who had married John Kelly. Subsequently, the Kellys moved to Stanley where three children were born.

The Stamper that used be in Stanley was the first privately operated battery in the north east and it was operated by Richard Clarke, fondly known as “Long Dick”.

Information supplied by Ian Clarke, great grandson of Long Dick.

There is a photograph of miners at the Three Mile on display at the Burke Museum in Beechworth.  The Joseph Clarke who was in Stanley, is in that photograph. Members of the extended family are also shown in other photographs.

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