One Sunday Morning in Stanley

One recent Sunday morning Michael and Royston of Stanley CFA, whilst on a maintenance run came a cross a wombat which had been run over. When removing the wombat from the road a baby wombat was found in the mother’s pouch.

After extracting the baby it became evident that the baby wombat was in need of urgent and expert care. A contact number for Erin Whitford (licensed Wildlife shelter) was obtained and the dilemma explained to her.

Erin came to Stanley assessed the baby wombat and took it into her care.  Michael and Royston were most relieved with this outcome.


Contact has been maintained with Erin and the baby wombat named Netty who hopefully will be released when ready back in Stanley.

The CFA are most appreciative of people like Erin and Glenda Elliot (Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter) who make huge commitments to the care our native wildlife.

Stanley CFA has experienced these peoples support in the past, particularly in times of bush fire.

Should any one find injured or orphaned wildlife please contact Wildlife Victoria 24 hour emergency service.1300 94535.

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