Marija Patterson and her sculptures

3 x 25 Exhibition

An exhibition of recent artworks by Marija Patterson at George Kerford Hotel, Beechworth

Marija Patterson and her sculpturesSmall upright figures, twenty-five of them, gaze out from their internal world.

Three women: the artist, her mother and her daughter, are placed in groups or stand-alone. They look alike except for anomalies in the process, in the making.

They are modelled on the eldest, the original, “the grounding, the earth, the strong mother”.

Connected by blood, and separated by twenty-five years, and their countries of birth (Lithuania, Austria and Australia), the lives of the three women inspire themes of displacement, migration, relationships, personal strength and rebirth.

Marija-exhibitionAlongside figures sending roots down into the earth, are winged creatures having emerged from cocoons, poised at the point of flying away. The contradiction extends to the perhaps too resolute pose of the figures, making them appear suspended between earth and sky, not quite belonging to either.

Three substances have been used to make the figures: ceramic, plaster and bronze. In these skilful works there is evidence also of a playful engagement with the materials, a dialogue between artist and artwork about possibilities of form and concept.

And so the visitor is drawn into the space to ask questions and wonder what it all means. A good thing! Congratulations to Marija on this her first solo show!

Mary-Rose Riley



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